• White truffle mayo
  • Black garlic mayo
  • Red Chili Mayo

New and Classic Flavors

Empire Mix
$31.00 $27.50 Empire Mix
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Ghost Pepper
$10.00 Ghost Pepper
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Manhattan Mix
$23.50 $21.00 Manhattan Mix
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Roasted Garlic
$7.50 Roasted Garlic
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Sriracha Mayo
$7.50 Sriracha Mayo
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9 OZ. Classic Mayo
$9.00 $8.00 9 OZ. Classic Mayo
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Set of three Luxurious hand-made in NYC mayonnaises - Cage-Free eggs, Non-GMO - White Truffle, Bacon and Black Garlic
$24.00 $21.50 Brooklyn Mix
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Luxurious hand-made in NYC rosemary mayonnaise - Cage-Free eggs, Non-GMO, fresh rosemary
$7.00 Rosemary Mayo
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Luxurious hand-made in NYC mayonnaise - Cage-Free eggs, Non-GMO, Olive-Oil, Lemon
$5.00 Classic Mayo
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White Truffle Non-GMO Empire Mayonnaise hand-made in NYC
$8.00 White Truffle Mayo
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Bacon Non-GMO Empire Mayonnaise hand-made in NYC
$8.00 Bacon Mayo
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Luxurious hand-made in NYC spicy chili mayonnaise - Cage-Free eggs, Non-GMO, Korean Chilis
$7.00 Red Chili Mayo
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Black Garlic Non-GMO Empire Mayonnaise hand-made in NYC
$8.00 Black Garlic Mayo
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Smoked Paprika
$7.50 Smoked Paprika
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Empire Mayonnaise is the first mayonnaise made exclusively with non-gmo oils and happy cage-free, pasture-raised eggs. Every jar is made by hand, from infusion to shipping,
at 564 Vanderbilt Ave., Brooklyn. 

Please allow 5-7 days to process your order. 
We are proud to make the most delicious mayonnaise in New York City
Many thanks for your continued patronage. :) 

Sam & Elizabeth


Brooklyn’s Empire Mayo Goes Global
June 23, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Empire Mayonnaise  is proud to represent Brooklyn in the NY Pavilion for the 2015 Summer Fancy Food Show ( #SFFS15 ). The line of gourmet flavored mayo has had a busy year internationally as well, exporting to France,...

Boston Globe
June 24, 2013

Awesome write up from the Boston Globe! 

Grub Street
June 05, 2013

Awesome mention in Grub Street's 25 next-level condiments! And for the record, we are non-GMO too! Thanks guys!

New York Historical Society
April 12, 2013

  So pleased and honored to be included in the prestigeous New York Historical Society store featuring genuinely local-made NYC food!